Plant the seed for future financial growth.

SANDLAPPER Securities, LLC (“SANDLAPPER”) is a full service broker dealer and dealer manager of investment products. Our best in class personnel and representatives tailor strategies, recommendations and construct portfolios “designed” to meet your individual needs.

Established in 2005 to act as the “managing broker dealer” or “dealer manager” for a nationally recognized and award winning real estate investment firm’s syndicated programs, SANDLAPPER Securities was the compliance and distribution engine for assets acquired nearing a billion dollars in value nationwide.

Today, SANDLAPPER Securities has grown beyond its singularly focused roots to provide not only a compliance and distribution engine for affiliated and non-affiliated investment programs, but to align itself with some of the independent broker dealer communities top representatives giving them access to the products, services and support THEY need in order to build, develop and manage your individual investment strategies.

The core beliefs of SANDLAPPER Securities, LLC and the representatives associated with the firm rest solely on your core needs of Preservation of Capital and Wealth Accumulation.

the ‘anti’ shoehorn approach

At SANDLAPPER Securities, LLC we recognize that our representatives and clients cannot always be put neatly into a box. Therefore at SANDLAPPER we say no to the traditional brokerage experience that relies on the “Shoehorn Approach” to investing. The “Shoehorn Approach” is where representatives are given a predefined stable of investment products to “sell” or try to “shoehorn” them into as many client portfolios as possible. SANDLAPPER Independent Representatives are encouraged to build, design and locate the products and programs that best align with your individual needs, strategies and investment desires.

By remaining concept driven vs. product driven, SANDLAPPER allows the freedom for advisors to best serve their clients.

As a dealer manager and sponsor (through affiliated organizations) of alternative investment products and programs, SANDLAPPER Independent Representatives have unique access (but no requirement to do so) to provide clients, where appropriate, investment opportunities designed and created to take advantage of an ever-changing economic and investment landscape.*

Our best in class representatives build and tailor strategies to your individual needs.